Who Oversees Property Management Companies in the UK?

Ross McColl
5 min read
Dec 28, 2023
Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Are you pondering over who oversees property management firms in the UK? For landlords, it's vital to grasp your duties and requirements. A property management firm could be a viable solution to manage your property assets effectively. However, remember that opting for such a company doesn’t absolve you of all duties. It's prudent to select a trustworthy company committed to performing its responsibilities adeptly.

Is There Regulation for Property Management Companies?

Before choosing a property management firm, there are several factors to take into account. Knowing who regulates them is wise. Engage in a dialogue with prospective companies about their compliance with regulatory standards and who their regulators are.

• The Property Ombudsman

The Property Ombudsman caters to various entities in the property sector, including estate agents, letting agents, and property management firms. They have an array of membership obligations for members to adhere to, providing a recourse for customers dissatisfied with how a grievance has been addressed by the concerned company.

• RICS – Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

RICS governs the ethical conduct surrounding property management, offering guidance on complaint resolution and setting the benchmark for UK residential properties. They furnish a wealth of resources for landlords, including the 2015 Private Rented Sector Code, shedding light on managing residential property firms in England and Wales.

ARMA – The Association of Residential Managing Agents

Renowned for its leadership in the residential property management domain in England and Wales, ARMA is a choice registry for companies, assuring landlords when opting for a recommended firm. They extend advice on numerous landlord and property-related issues, alongside support for operating a successful property management firm.

• ARLA – Association of Residential Letting Agents

Property management firms and resident letting agents can align with ARLA, availing a plethora of property management courses to hone their expertise and augment their industry insight. As a landlord, employing a company registered with ARLA adds a layer of assurance, knowing your property is under the aegis of a company observed by ARLA.

What’s the Cost of Hiring Property Management Companies?

The cost spectrum for hiring a property management company is influenced by your locale, rental worth, and engagement level. Numerous companies offer diverse packages, enabling you to select an engagement level matching your preferences. Note that a higher engagement level translates to higher costs. For instance, a full-service package encompassing everything from repairs to invoicing will be costlier compared to a partial service. Yet, the additional expense could be justified. Explore your necessities, and deliberate on the options and costs with your preferred company.

What Tasks Are Property Management Companies Accountable For?

A discussion with a property management company can help delineate the scope of responsibilities. They usually offer adaptable packages to suit your requirements. While some landlords favour a comprehensive service, others might opt for a more segmented approach. Engage with local property management firms, elucidate your needs, and inquire about the offerings to discover the perfect match for your situation.

Is It Possible to Switch Property Management Companies?

Usually, engaging a property management company involves a fixed-term contract. However, this doesn’t imply a rigid commitment, but it’s advisable to review the contract terms to understand the procedure for making a switch. If considering a change, communicate with your current company about your concerns and ascertain if they can address them before making a decision.

Do Property Management Companies Cover Repair Costs?

Typically, the financial responsibility for repairs rests with the landlord. Property management companies orchestrate the repairs and bill the landlord. Prior discussions set the budget for repairs, with any excess costs requiring the landlord’s approval before initiation.

Are Property Management Companies a Worthy Investment?

The value derived from property management companies is subjective. Entrusting your extensive property portfolio to seasoned professionals can alleviate stress. Whether owning a single property or several, leveraging a company’s expertise can simplify the landlord experience. To pinpoint the optimal choice for you, investigate the available options, evaluate your needs, and select a company aligning with your criteria.


In conclusion, overseeing property management companies in the UK involves a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment, an assessment of the costs and services offered, and an awareness of your rights and responsibilities as a landlord. The landscape of property management is multifaceted and ever-evolving but with the right information. If you are a landlord looking for trusted and reliable property management in Southeast England, look no further, and let's discuss and schedule your free consultation here.