How to Prevent Void Periods: Tips for Landlords

Ross McColl
3 min read
Dec 13, 2023
Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Tips for Landlords on How to Avoid Void Periods

Avoid the financial nightmare of void periods by taking proactive steps to keep your property occupied and earning rental income. Void periods refer to the time when your property is unoccupied, resulting in a loss of income and potential additional costs. However, with these strategies, you can minimize or even eliminate void periods, ensuring your property is earning for you all year round.

Maintain your property: 

Tenants are more likely to leave a property that lacks proper maintenance. By ensuring your property is in good condition and promptly fixing any issues that arise, you can retain tenants and attract new ones. Regular property inspections also help in identifying maintenance needs before they become costly problems.

Set competitive rent: 

While there is a shortage of rental properties, overpricing can deter potential tenants. Research the rental market in your area, and set a rent that reflects current market conditions. This will help attract tenants who can afford the rent and minimize void periods.

Advertise effectively:

To find the right tenant, it's crucial to advertise your property effectively. List your property on popular property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. Use high-quality photographs and provide a detailed description to attract potential tenants. Consider utilizing social media and local media outlets to expand your reach.

Contact a reputable letting agent company: 

If you're struggling to find tenants, enlisting the help of a reputable letting agent company can be beneficial. They have access to a network of potential tenants and can effectively market your property. A good letting agent company will also provide advice on how to make your property more attractive and help you set a competitive rent. Choose an agent with experience in your local market for the best results.

Respond promptly to tenant inquiries: 

Show potential tenants that you're a responsible and reliable landlord by responding promptly to their inquiries. This helps build trust and keeps their interest in your property. Failing to respond in a timely manner may result in potential tenants looking elsewhere.

Alternatively, consider our Guaranteed Rent Service:

At Link Property, we offer a guaranteed monthly income regardless of whether or not your property is occupied or if the tenant fails to pay. This service eliminates the risk for you, with no hidden fees or commissions. Find out more about our Guaranteed Rent service and ensure a reliable monthly income.

By implementing these proactive measures or utilizing our Guaranteed Rent Service, you can effectively avoid void periods and maintain a steady rental income throughout the year.